October 21, 2011

Weave Magazine Issue 07 Contributor List


Jada Ach
Tanya Collings
Nicelle Davis
Iris Jamahl Dunkle
Ivy Grimes
Robert Guard
Lauren Hilger
Krystal Howard
Rich Ives
Dana Killmeyer
Alyse Knorr
Noelle Kocot
Nancy Long
Scott H. Stoller
Mitch Storar
Benjamin Walker
Shangrila Willy
Nicholas YB Wong
Lawrence Wray
Sandra Yannone
Monika Zobel

Brandi Christian-Judkins
Amanda Jo Diana
Caitlin Laura Galway
Andra Hibbert
Kathleen Brewin Lewis
Ellen McGrath Smith
Anthony Varallo


Orman Day
Michael Shou-Yung Shum
Eric Tran

Kathleen Gunton

October 12, 2011

Weave Magazine's 2011 Flash Fiction Contest Results!

Thank you to all of the writers who entered Weave Magazine's 2011 Flash Fiction Contest and special thanks to our judge, Bridgette Shade, and to Weave's editorial team.

"White Bread" by Kelly Baron. Bridgette Shade says, "Told from the point of view of a child, the images described in this short piece are fresh and original. Through a pot of macaroni and more importantly, a loaf of Wonder Bread, we get a taste of this uniquely dysfunctional family's life - particularly the life of Mary, a girl 'with hair like blackbirds' whose childhood toys have been replaced with aprons and impossibly grown-up standards. Whose innocence we mourn long after we've stopped reading."

Honorable Mention: "Blighted" by Andra Hibbert "is full of rich imagery and language..." -Bridgette Shade

Congrats to our winner, Kelly Baron, and runner-up Andra Hibbert. Read both flash fiction stories in the seventh issue of Weave this December!

October 4, 2011

Weave Magazine's 2011 Poetry Contest Results!

Thank you to all of the poets who entered Weave Magazine's 2011 Poetry Contest and special thanks to our judge, Lisa Marie Basile and to our wonderful editorial team.


"Dream" by Caleb Curtiss. Lisa Marie Basile states, "The voice is authentic and the narrative is haunted. It builds the image and intensity. The architecture of the poem is precise and lovely. The language is clear, yet ripe with odd images that make sense no matter how strange. The poem balances a realistic, conversational register with a poetic, surreal register in a clean and sincere way. It was a pleasure to read. I also think this poem specifically works well for Weave. It is honest, creative, vivid and presents a strong relationship between two humans who have a strong woven connection."

Honorable Mentions:

"Peach Pull" by Jada Ach "is enriched with a lot of imagery, especially the juxtaposition between the natural world and gory, bloody thought." -Lisa Marie Basile

"Fig Eaters" by Megan Cowen "is a concisely gorgeous poem. The images in this piece catch me and make me want to write: 'waking, ready as the stone wall / onto which you spit the stars.' Wow! " -Lisa Marie Basile

"Caroline Fox Considers Jeremy Bentham's Proposal (1805)" by Noel Sloboda "provides a sense of real and internal momentum." -Lisa Marie Basile

Congratulations to Caleb Curtiss and to all of the Honorable Mentions! Look for all of these poems in Weave Magazine issue 07 this December.