Laura E. Davis

Managing Editor
Rachel Ann Brickner

Poetry Editor
D. Gilson

Fiction Editor
Sarah Shotland

Assistant Fiction Editor
Rebekah Vossler

Design Editor
Emily Mishler

Reviews Editor
Nicole Bartley

Editorial Assistants
Shira Burns
Amanda Chiado
Katie Jan
Hillary C. Katz
Sally Rosen Kindred
Sarah Sgro
Christina Sparks
Katie Yarzebinski

About Weave Magazine

Weave Magazine is a bicoastal literary organization and print publication. We seek to create a space for a cross-section of writers and artists to meet on the page, on the stage, and in workshop. We celebrate diversity in both the creator and their works and strive to showcase both novice and established writers and artists.

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Our History

In January 2008, Margaret Bashaar and Laura E. Davis met one another at a strange and wonderful poetry reading hosted by the Typewriter Girls. Soon the two began meeting for coffee in clandestine areas around Pittsburgh discussing poetry and total world domination. Eventually they concocted a fantastic idea: create an art and lit magazine and host a reading series! On May 5, 2008 Weave Magazine's website went live and they received a grant from The Sprout Fund in September of that same year.

The name Weave came from a desire to publish a wide-range of artists from all walks of life. The word “Weave” became the primary action for the publication: the weaving together of voices on the page and in the local community. The magazine pledged to seek work from both emerging and established artists and writers. Weave seeks the work of local artists. Weave promises to publish the under-represented: women voices, voices of people of color, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender voices and more. But most of all, Weave seeks to publish the best artistic and literary works available. For more info on our views about diversity and the origins of our name, read this

Weave Magazine is currently run by a team of editors and readers. Everyone that works for Weave is an unpaid volunteer. We do this for the love of art and literature. If you are interested in helping out, check out our opportunities page for more info.

Our Style

Weave Magazine is dark humor and magical realism. Weave is strange and fantastical. Weave also loves realistic narratives in fiction and poetry. Weave loves honest and simple nonfiction, not confessional for confessions sake. Weave loves strong, well-developed characters. Weave especially loves dynamic female characters. Weave loves flawed characters. Weave loves retellings of old stories, fairy tales and myths. Weave loves when writers play with language. Weave loves a poem that grabs our attention early and avoids clichés. Weave loves surprises. Weave also loves poems about animals. We love a good monkey poem, but have yet to find one. On that day, Weave will dance.

Click here to read sample work from past issues.


  1. Would you please tell me how to query you after 90 days regarding the status of a submission?

    Thank you

  2. You can query via email: weavezine@gmail.com

  3. Thank you so much :) I couldn't find it listed on the site, but my apologies if I somehow missed it.

  4. I'm glad you did, because it should be more clear and I'm going to update our guidelines. Thank you!

  5. We love a good monkey poem, but have yet to find one. On that day, Weave will dance. Dance!-challenge accepted.


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