July 1, 2008

Issue #1 is closed, baby...

...but that doesn't mean that we won't still accept your lovely, lovely e-mail attachments of poetry and prose for Weave Magazine #2 (which, as luck would have it, will probably be coming out right around the time of that big ol' writer cuddle-party, the AWP!)

We here at Weave usually pride ourselves on our speedy response time (we don't care what it says on Duotrope -- we sent that response within 30 days!), but we may have to gently, gently let go of our hubris and send out issue #2 responses a little bit more slowly. There's layout to be worked on and chinese take out to be ordered and quite frankly, we want to make sure that issue #1 rocks as much as it possibly can (which, we assure you, is quite a lot).

So, keep an eye out for our final contributor list to be posted within the next few weeks after we make our final decisions!

Many many thanks to everyone who submitted for issue #1. There should be an awesome party here in the 'burgh come October.

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  1. This gives me a terrific region to drive across our vast state in October! Hooray and congrats to all the other contributors and the amazing Weave team! Thanks so much!


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