December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays from Weave!

We here at Weave are gearing up for the holidays, like we expect many of you are, but just wanted to send out a reminder that we are still open for submissions for issue 02 and will be through the end of January. A lot of lovely work has been sent to us this round and we have truly enjoyed reading everything sent to us. Right now we're especially interested in reading more poetry for issue 02. As for fiction, we're just about full up, but still welcome more submissions, of course.

Also, thanks to everyone who has applied for a fiction reader position. We are humbled by the interest that has been shown and hope to get to work with some of you soon!

Issue 01 is still for sale here! We'd love you to take a look at it, especially if you plan to submit or apply for a fiction reader position here at Weave.

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