March 5, 2009

Weave Magazine Issue 02 Contributor List

Weave Magazine: Issue 02 Contributors & Titles
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Greta Aart
Snapshots from a Siamese Banquet
Mary Alexandra Agner
First Frog
Jon Ballard
Lending an Ear
Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán
from Other Love Poems
Jon Borcherding
Kelly Davio
Frank DePoole
Night Shift
Nicolle Elizabeth
Sweet Potatoes
Kristina England
Hot Surface
Nava Fader
She'll be Driving Six White Horses
Brent A. Fisk
Winter Passage
Alayna Frankenberry
Pet Project
Sean Patrick Hill
Laura Hirneisen
Justin Hyde
only waitress at the truck-stop who never uses the cash register
Dane Kuttler
When Boughs Break
Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
Rachel Mallino
The Arrow of Time
Richard McLaughlin
Andrew A Mulvania
Morning Song II
Kristine Ong Muslim
Niina Pollari
Serpent Tells Creation Story
Ren Powell
A Request for Sound from a Televised Report from Afghanistan
Octavio Quintanilla
Two Skins
Michelle Layden Stoner
Karen J. Weyant
The Girl Who Could Catch Echos
Sleeping with Dead Saints
Jill Crammond Wickham
Without My Pearls and Apron, I Am Nothing But A Creature Out of Season: An Excerpt from June Cleaver’s Secret Diary
Angela Veronica Wong
Turnips 2
Brian R. Young
In Praise of the Cow


Naoko Awa (Trans. Toshiya Kamei)
White Mufflers
Dave Barrett
Damian Dressick
What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Your Cousin Who's in Prison
Rosanne Griffeth
The Cancer Woman's Beautiful Daughters
Valerie Z. Lewis
Eric McKinley
Bob Strother
Tellico Plains
Rhian Waller
Earth Bubbles

*Creative Non-Fiction*

The Violence of Peace on a Summer Day Yesterday
Sunshine LeMontree
Letter to the Little Blue House
Henry F. Tonn
Snapshots from the Asylum
Devon Ward-Thommes
Becoming the Pelican


Scott Bulger
Anatomy of a Piano
Sunrise Chain
Water Spirit
(cover art)
minutes after eating the apple, moments before kissing the snake
Allison M. Healy
Aquatic Engine
Emma Scott Schaeffer
Glass Trees
from MoMA
Andrena Zawinski
Lakeshore Walkway
Summer Hush

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