September 9, 2009

Issue 03 Excitement!

The submission period has closed for Weave for issue 03. We can't really believe how quickly the year goes by and how soon we have to look forward to our next issue. Submissions will reopen on October 15th and can expect to see Weave 03 ready for purchase at that same time. We plan to release our contributors list for this issue in the next week so check back soon! In the mean time, get your hands on a copy of issue 01 and 02 before they are sold out! We will also be releasing info about the third issue release event very soon. Also: did you hear about Weave's new assistant editors? They are fantastic! We could not have completed this issue without them.


  1. Has there been any update to the status of Issue 03, or when the contributor list will be posted?

  2. The contributor list will be up very soon, we promise!

  3. The issue is being finalized as we speak and the contributor list will be revealed in the next day or so! Stay tuned and thanks for the interest.


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