February 1, 2010

Pittsburgh Lit Events: February 1 -7

Tuesday, February 2:

Hungry Sphinx Reading Series
Weekly poetry and fiction series featuring area students and writers fills the upper
room of the Sphinx Hookah Cafe. Feat. Arlan Hess and Weave's Laura Davis.

Sphinx Cafe
401 Atwood St Pittsburgh, PA (Oakland)
8:00pm - free - (421) 621-1153

Wednesday, February 3:

Pittsburgh Poets' Playshop
You’ve heard of a writer’s workshop, but this is a playshop! Join local poets and writers
in collaborative compositions, surrealist writing games, found poetry exercises, and much more. Come learn, compose, and have fun with writing.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Large Print Room
4400 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh, PA (Oakland)
12:00pm - free - (412) 578-2586

Friday, February 5:

Gist Street Reading Series
Featuring Douglas Kearney (poetry) and Josh Weil (fiction).
James Simon Sculpture Studio (3rd floor)
305 Gist St Pittsburgh, PA (Uptown)
8:00pm – $10 - (412) 434-5629

TypewriterGirls @ Remedy's Speak Easy/Talk Dirty
The TypewriterGirls host Remedy Bar and Lounge's Speak Easy/Talk Dirty. Featuring
readings by Adam Atkinson (Weave Issue 03) and Ellen McGrath Smith, burlesque dancer and performance artist Jen Cook, accordionist Steve Pellegrino, and DJ Randy Spinster.
Remedy Bar and Lounge
5121 Butler St Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville)
9:30pm - $6 - (412) 781-6771

Do you have a literary event you want to see listed on our calendar?
E-mail details to: joel.weavezine@gmail.com

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