August 24, 2010

Century Mountain: Expanding Borders, Exploring Humanity

Chinese poet and calligrapher Huang Xiang and American artist William Rock are exhibiting their Century Mountain portraits at Robert Morris. Century Mountain is a collaborative project created by Xiang and Rock. The project name is inspired by the great minds of the people the portray in the work. Of the project, the artists say:

"... collaborative art honors the greatness in us as human beings that has made itself evident throughout the centuries in the form of outstanding creators, thinkers, discoverers, leaders -- essentially people who stood out like mountains throughout the centuries."

Their portrait of Murasaki Shikibu, Japanese novelist and poet, is featured on the cover of Weave's third issue. The exhibition opening takes place Thursday, September 9th from 5:30-8:30pm and will feature spontaneous poetic performances by Huang Xiang. Weave will be in attendance to sell the third issue. Please come out to the Robert Morris Media Arts Gallery and support this amazing project.

The exhibit opening will also include spontaneous poetry performances from renowned Chinese poet, Huang Xiang and Weave will be on hand selling copies of the third issue. This event is not to be missed

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