October 27, 2010

Weave Magazine Issue 05 Contributor List

* Poetry *

Kristin Abraham
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
Atom Ariola
After-Grace of Trauma
Let Me Thank The Body
What I Meant
The Indefinite Dyad
If We're Not a Dream, We're Nothing
for the person forgetting me in this moment
in dream, worms squirmed through her body, soft
Susan Grimm
To Misunderstand Ease
Andrew Kozma & Michelle Fay Schmidt
A Natural History parts XVI & XVII
Raizi. Rachel. Rasia.
Awake, Midnight
Planets for Other Stars
Water, Tons of It
Janice Medin
Pretend Sisters
Will of Casualty
La Vila Joisoa
Eleanor Paynter
Notes Play Against a Wall
Transliterated Long Distance
We fall asleep on a fault zone
Laura Sobbott Ross
My Mother Said
Difficult Honey
Nicholas Sauer
Love Poem After Neruda
Two (Un)Composers
heavy petting in st. louis
Blind by Milk
Giacometti's Pears
The Lonely Housewife Calls to Inquire on the Status of her Ad, Discovers Her Personal Was Buried In the Obituaries
Whit Williams
Born Homecoming Friday
To Espen, Who Signed My Senior Yearbook, Then Fell Off a Tuscaloosa Train Trestle

* Flash Fiction *

Nour Abdelghani
Step Father
Mermaid in my Tea
Call Becca
Water Moving In

* Fiction *

Maternal Instinct
Saving Avocado
Wendi Lee
My Life in Verse
Evelyn Pierce

* Artwork *

Amsterdam Someday
Alicia Bonilla-Puig
Handle This
Fall From Grace
Nathan Pierce
Untitled 2
Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again

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  1. I just bought Craig Sullender's book!!! And after reading, am goig to buy tons for this holiday season's gift giving! Fantastic read! Very thoughtful! And can't wait to give those emotions to the stockings I love! Thank you for posting!!


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