April 6, 2011

Weave Magazine Issue 06 Contributor List


"Bitching with Nicole"
"The Baptism"
Naomi Ayala
"Taíno is in Me"
"Sanación, Barrio"
"Cloud Journal"
"These Days I Go By the Name of ______"
"Turning Your Pillow to Find the Cool Side"
Lori Brack
"Sonata for Slight Handiwork"
Diya Chaudhuri
"Gaston, Gaston, We Go Down Together"
"Prodigal Refrigerator"
Thom Dawkins
Heather Derr-Smith
"Hound of Love"
Panika M. C. Dillon
"The Seamstress' Daughter"
Rebecca Dunham
"The Aging Country and Western Singer Imagines Her Life as a Series of Fruit Trees"
"The Recording Engineer"
Tony Leuzzi
"Bottom Line"
"Song for an Ocular Migraine"
"The Sirens Comfort Me"
Sarah Machinak
"My Seventeenth Birthday"
"The Mermaid Who Didn't Want to Be a Mermaid and Gave Herself Over to the Pirates"
Alicia Salvadeo
"Feeling of Worm"
"Le Corp Virginal"
"Lake Garda"
"Restoration Operation"
Brian Tierney
"Shadow Puppets"
"My Dead Brother and the Beanstalk"
"My Grim Adaptation: Toads and Diamonds"
Joshua Young
"Cue Backdrop - What the Kids Call the Ghost Woods"


"A Study in LA Handicraft"


Marcella Alvarez
"The Color Blue, Before Creation"
John Francis Istel
"Visit from Elyria"
"The Golden Rock"
Rick Coonrod
"Scrapbook: Father"
"That Wild"
Andrea Jackson
"The Workshop"
Jane McCafferty
"Between Us"
"Stars in the Water"
"Lifting Skin"
Faith Schantz
"Jessa Chasing Pigeons"
M. Wilkinson
"Far Away Places"


"Laundry Lady" (cover)
Sarah Leavens
"Body Sketches 1 & 2"

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