June 24, 2011

Issue Six Has Arrived!

Weave Magazine's sixth issue has finally arrived! The issue is packed with poems, stories, and art that we know you'll love. This issue travels pathways between pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, beauty and ugliness. You'll find magic realism, realistic fiction, and fairy tales retold. Weave 06 is very socially current with pieces that speak to racism, sexism, war, and the price of fame.

This issue also includes a special featured section entitled "The Clothesline" which was hand sewn into the front cover by a special team of Weavers! You simply must hold this issue in your hands. Check out poetry by Nin Andrews, J.P. Dancing Bear, Rebecca Dunham, and Sally Rosen Kindred; fiction by Lauren Becker, Z.Z. Boone, Jane McCafferty and Mary O’Donnell; nonfiction by Timothy L. Marsh; and artwork by deona fish, Andrew Knock and Sarah Leavens.

If you preordered your copy or are a subscriber, expect to get your copy early next week.

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