August 19, 2013

Weave Issue 09 Has Arrived!

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Weave Issue 09 is here! And we couldn't be more excited to share one of our best issues yet! I've been reading Weave for many years now, but this issue is particularly exciting for me because it's the first issue I actually helped make happen as Managing Editor. I'm so proud of the result and inspired by everyone at Weave who came together to create such a beautiful issue.

The striking cover by Jason John presupposes what Issue 09 is all about: harmony and disharmony, strength versus weakness, and beauty and aggression. Throughout, these authors and artists imagine and explore life before birth all the way through adolescence, sexual exploration, romantic entanglements, and growing old. Gender is torn apart and put back together in ways that are surprising and thought-provoking, asking in many different ways, what does it mean to be me, us, them?

These stories, poems, drawings, and photographs are at once haunting, gorgeous, grotesque, funny, and always engaging. I am truly in awe of the talent held within theses pages, and I can't wait to see what these established and emerging writers and artists do next.

We hope you love Issue 09 as much as we do. You can buy this issue or subscribe to Weave here.

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