November 28, 2011

2011 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Weave has published beautiful poetry, prose, drama and visual art for over three years now. While we are still a young journal, we feel we have reached a threshold that many indie publications struggle to meet. Though we didn't arrive here without some struggle, Weave is here to stay. We will continue to publish and promote the beautiful work of our contributors and share it with our readers and subscribers.

In celebration of Weave's stability and growth, we are thrilled to announce our nominations for the 2011 Pushcart Prize. This this our first year selecting nominees and the process was difficult, but we believe we chose pieces that represent Weave's diversity of voice and standard of beauty.

Congratulations to all of our 2011 nominees!

"Rainer" by Z.Z. Boone
"A Whimsical Current" by Orman Day
"Song for an Ocular Migraine" by Sally Rosen Kindred
"Lifting Skin" by Mary O'Donnell
"Lipstick Jungle" by Eric Tran
"Alicante" by Lawrence Wray

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