November 7, 2011

A Note to Weave's Issue 07 Submitters

Dearest Issue 07 Submitters,

We're sorry we haven't been in touch sooner. The Weave staff has been busily reading submissions in our free time in preparation for our next issue. Between April and July 2011 we received more than twice the number of submissions than the previous reading period. If you still have an outstanding submission with Weave from our previous reading period, we offer our most sincere apologies. Most of our staff are writers too, so we understand what it's like to wait to hear back about a submission you sent in June. You can guarantee that many of us stare longingly at our inboxes mere moments after we hit the send button. Simply put, we empathize.

That said, we also have high standards as editors. We want to give every story or poem the thoughtful consideration it deserves. Many of you have already queried, and you still can by emailing us for a more personal update on the status of your submission. It is most likely, though, that your submission is still under consideration.

You may have also noticed that we posted the contributor list for issue 07. Where does that leave the outstanding submissions from the issue 07 reading period, you might ask? Excellent question! After careful thought, I decided it was best to consider the remaining submissions for our next issue. Our seventh issue is the biggest yet (around 120 pages!) and in order to finish the lengthy process of layout, final edits, and printing on time, I decided close the pages of lucky number seven.

We understand that this was not part of the original deal you made with Weave when you trusted us with your work. If you feel you need to withdraw your piece from consideration, we understand. But if you are open to being considered for issue eight, well, hang in there! Take a deep breath, turn off your computer, and spend some quality time with friends and family. In the mean time, we sincerely appreciate your continued patience and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

Gratefully Yours,

Laura & the Weave Gang

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