May 28, 2008

Being Friendly

I have this really great hair stylist who is also my friend and his name is Mark. He comes to your house or you can go to his, get your hair done, have some coffee, check out the new flowers he's planting in his garden. It's always a fun time and I end up with really cute hairstyles too.

Recently, he and I had a conversation about how young people today are so connected. Phones, computers, email, text messaging - we are all networking. I said something about how the word "networking" always ends up sounding cold and overly professional. That's when he said, "Networking? Back when I was younger networking was just called being friendly!" Some serious words of wisdom there I believe.

Weave Magazine likes being friendly. There is warmth in that word, community and real connections. So in the interest of being friends, we'd like all of you to look us up on Myspace, as well as Facebook. It seems those are the most popular "friend-making" sites on the web so be sure to stop by and leave us a friendly comment or message. Weave looks forward to being your friend!

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  1. Is it Mark Snyder? If it is, I do theatre with him!


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