May 22, 2008

Coming Soon!

We are still alive here at Weave Magazine; it's been a busy week for me but Margaret and I still managed to do some phone conferencing even though our schedules didn't quite match up. I'd like to say I was busy doing some reading and other artsy/cultural/humanitarian things, but to be honest, I was caught up in the American Idol finale. Plus, this weekend is Memorial Day, and like any good American I plan eating something grilled and getting a little tipsy with family members.

In that vein, I wanted to share some of the things we plan on posting about soon. Margaret and I want you to get to know us better and therefore know what we might be looking for in terms of submissions. We also have some fun ideas for ways to keep both us as editors and writers/artists motivated and excited about our little publication here. Here are some of the things you can expect to see from Weave online in the near future:
  • Online publishing of writing and art right here on Weave's blog
  • Interviews with Weave's editors (hey that's me!)
  • Fun photo and (maybe) video posts about the editing process
  • Analysis of submissions and gender
  • Advice for writers/artists who are submitting for the first time
We hope you can tell that while we take our roles as editors and the submission process very seriously, we both have a playful sense of humor. For all you Americans, enjoy the holiday weekend - and for those of you outside the US - do you really need an excuse to have a barbecue? Have fun and be safe.

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  1. Sounds good! Love the idea of the editorial process blog & analysis of submissions.



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