June 11, 2008

Contributor List

Weave Magazine: Issue 01 Contributors & Titles


Ivy Alvarez
Everyday English Dictionary: S
Mary Biddinger
Once I Ended up in Wisconsin
Seven and Counting
Rachel Bunting
Snake Oil
Juliet Cook
The Circus Girl Sucks in Her Breath
Brooklyn Copeland
Goes Without Saying
When I Am Not an Amalgam
Crystal Hoffman
Black Snake
Three Lovers in Beirut
Two Portraits of New Orleans' Ghosts
Tom Holmes
Footnotes to Patience
She's Grounded 'til War Commences
D.M. Huneke
On Spontaneous Human Combustion
Jason Kirin
Among Machinery
Dana Guthrie Martin
Jesus Waits
Parasitic Cloaking
Table 1. Experiments with Hanging
Carol McCarthy
[Symbosis, or women are vigorous and need to be tied in]
[You say lime, I say kumquat]
Khrys Myrddin
orthopaedic surgery

David McLean
we regret to inform you
Michael Constantine McConnell
Water Leashing Wind
Phoebe North
Body, Decomposing Under Twigs and Leaves in a
Gully in Grantwood, Speaks
Ford Limited
Michael Ogletree
Apogee, Abridged
J.R. Pearson
Molly Prosser
Battle at Breakfast
Jay Robinson
Grand Haven
Daniel M. Shapiro
The Silent Circle
Susan Slaviero
Aurora Contemplates Seven Years of Marriage
The Queen of Staves Imagines Leaving Her Day Job
Sarah J Sloat
Dear Scum
Ground Shadow
To The Benevolent State
Ringa Sunn
Sunlight in Her Hair
Frank X. Walker
Harriet Tubman as Villian
Swamp Thing


Jack Cobb
Stephen Dorneman
Burning Hills
Mehgan McKenna
Jack Swenson
Only A Memory Away
Jared Ward
Making Weight


Angela Bayout
Sofija Canavan
Sarah Greenwood
No Shades of Gray
Nashay Jones
Asase Ye Duru: From the Earth We Arose, to the Earth We Shall Return
Gye Nyame: A Celebration of Birth... Of Life
Untitled (Found Voice)
Bonnie MacAllister
Heidi Richardson Evans
Cradle (cover art)
Cultivating Shadows
My Own


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    Anyway good job!

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  3. I'm so excited to be a part of this publication! Thank you! :)

  4. hot. this line-up is so hot right now...great job ladies!!!


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