June 10, 2008

Tech Update: weavemagazine.net!

Margaret and I had a nice weekend get-a-way with other writers and artists this weekend. In between the intellectual discourse, delicious meals and general merriment, we did manage to sit and talk about Weave and our upcoming endeavors. We have gotten a lot of review requests and we're very excited about the opportunities. Be sure to check the Weave blog often for the reviews, as well as updates and deadlines. In fact, you should consider subscribing to Weave's blog using our RSS feed. It will walk you through adding Weave to your blog feed like Google Reader so you can stay in the know.

In other technical news, we are proud to have our own domain name now:


How exciting! There is something very official about having your own spot on the internet. It's kind of like when you first move into a new place and you can start unpacking the fun things like your curtains or Christmas decorations. While we still have some more unpacking to do, soon Weave will have a logo and the site will (hopefully) have a redesign. It should be rather cozy so we hope you'll stop by and visit us often. Be sure to tell a friend about the great things going on here at Weave Magazine!

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