June 5, 2008

Weave's Fearless & Silly Editors

While we take our submissions seriously, we often don't take ourselves too seriously. This is evident by this silly photo post we hope you enjoy.

Margaret is contemplative (ooooh -- that's a big word)

Updating the Blog.

Laura gets so excited to read Barn Owl Review. Snazzy!

Death by Submissions.

Whichever lands first will get published...

Just kidding, we work HARD. Really.

See how hard Laura reads the first issue of Warbler!

Margaret also reads. And enjoys gunbirds. yay.

The end!


  1. Hey Guys, I cracked at "Death by Submission".....she looks dead! Also, I think some editors actually use the "whatever lands first" get pubbed approach.


  2. Hey, thanks for the cameo! Y'all can pick which BOR editors you want to pose with your first issue (though it'll be a really tough decision...). :)


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