June 4, 2008

A Few Notes on Fiction (and a couple on poetry, too)

We here at Weave Magazine would like to take a moment to give you, the blog readers, a few little insights into our preferences regarding fiction (and poetry, too).

  • We tend to prefer short fiction, and by short fiction, we mean flash fiction. As ladies who, admittedly, are primarily poets, flash fiction appeals to our desire for economy in language. Also, to our short attention spans.

  • Endings are key. This may seem like common sense, but we've found that the thing that most often kills a piece of fiction for us is the ending.

  • We genuinely want to see your character grow, even if it is just in the space of 900 words.

  • We're finding that we are getting a lot of similar plot themes in the various fiction submissions we've received. One thing we want from fiction, which is also something we want from poetry, is to be hit with something we don't expect. This doesn't mean we don't want consistency -- we do. We just don't want to feel like we're reading the same submission over and over.

  • Before you send us your work, please, at least use the spell check function on your computer.

  • If no one other than you and your mom has looked at your piece, chances are, it's really not ready for submission. We have read more poems and fiction pieces than we care to count that, with a little bit (or a lot a bit) of editing, would have found publication with us.

We hope this is helpful! Happy submitting!

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